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How Not To Buy a Car: Top 7 mistakes

When buying the first car, almost everyone is mistaken. What are the most common misses?

1. Wrong car

Do you have any expectations regarding the future car. For example, you want to go picnicking with friends every weekend. Or want a two-seater, just for yourself and for the second half.

But reality makes its own adjustments: friends are always busy, and there is an addition in the family.

This is not so important if you can change the car at any time. But such opportunities are the exception rather than the rule. When you choose a model, imagine that she will be with you for many years.

2. Not economy car

If you do not have a driving experience, then you can hardly imagine how much money it actually takes to refuel.

Fuel prices are not encouraging and are unlikely to be pleasing in the near future. The expense of gasoline when buying an uneconomical car can be unsettling, especially if you start to actively use the car.

Car maintenance is an expensive pleasure. And you will quickly feel that the money flies into the exhaust pipe.

The same applies to the cost of spare parts. All the same, it’s necessary to repair the car, even if in small things. Before buying, see how much you have to spend on standard repairs.

Visit the forums where car owners of the brands you are interested in talk about their cars. You will immediately learn about the problem areas of the machine. And then think about whether your wallet will take such expenses.

3. Unexpected breakdown

“Buy a used one!” Why do you need a new one right away? ”- such advice is often given to beginners.

Of course, used cars are cheaper. And they are not so sorry to scratch, for example. But even experienced motorists cannot determine if a used car is okay. To do this, you need to be an auto mechanic with experience.

They even advise checking the car at reliable, “their” stations, and not at those advised by the seller. Hidden defects can be very expensive. So, if you decide to choose a used car, go shopping with a mechanic. Even if his services will cost several thousand, you will save more.

And this is not to mention that a car malfunction can cost not only money, but also health.

4. Bad condition

“Buy worse: you don’t feel sorry for breaking, and you will learn to drive!” - this is generally the number one advice from experienced drivers.

Now think about why you are taking the car. To break it or to ride on it? To be sure to learn how to repair it yourself or to move from point A to point B?

Beginners feel uncomfortable behind the wheel. If you put them in control of a "killed" car, it will only get worse. Why create additional difficulties for yourself and take risks when you can buy not the most expensive, but reliable car and get used to the roads already on it - it is not clear.

Old Car in Bad Condition
Old Car in Bad Condition

5. Buying old luxury car

Before choosing a car, think about what you will do on it. The machine must be reliable, take you to your destination without any problems and accommodate things that you usually carry with you. Cars have plenty of room for upgrades, but the basic functions cannot be expanded.

It is believed that a beautiful and fashionable car will impress others and make your life better. However, a good, reliable car can do the same.

Approach the choice of a car as a choice of a tool and do not let emotions control your decision.

6. Expecting finance incoming

Cars are expensive, but this does not mean that investing in a car will pay off (we are not talking about business now, but about a personal car). When reselling, any car loses value only because of the fact of a change of ownership. Inside the car, they will recommend you a car more expensive and they will say that it will cost a lot when selling. This is not an argument worth considering. Let's say an automatic transmission will cost more when sold. But this will have little effect on the overall decline in the cost of a used car.

So the car is not an investment. Minimize costs and buy a safe and reliable vehicle.

7. Purchase without bidding

If you went for a used car, then keep in mind: the price tag set by the seller is indicative. You can and should bargain, as a rule, sellers are ready to drop the price. To achieve this, you need to carefully inspect the car and ask questions about its condition. An attentive and experienced buyer can reduce the price by tens of thousands of rubles. Either study the forums to understand what to ask, or still bring along a mechanic who will ask for you.