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Mercedes-Benz Trucks and buses are equipped with a unique active safety system

A lot of accidents related to the collision of trucks and buses with pedestrians, cyclists, or scooters are associated with limited visibility from the driver's workplace of large vehicles. Therefore, in 2016, Daimler Trucks specialists developed the world's first, unique Sidequard Assist system, which helps to see other participants in the movement in blind spots, especially when turning right. Since the end of 2019, this system began to be offered as a comprehensive, integrated solution for new brand trucks. This system is also available for installation on Mercedes-Benz and Setra buses.

How does the system work, for example, on a standard long-haul train? On the tractor in front of the rear wheels, two radar sensors are installed, which cover a 3.75-wide space, and the entire road train is 18.75 m long, plus 2 meters in front of it and another meter behind.

Mercedes Benz safe Truck
Mercedes Benz safe Truck

In the event that a person or vehicle is found in dangerous proximity, audible signals are given to the driver, and a red triangular symbol lights up on the front pillars or in the rear-view mirrors (or screens of the Mirror Cam system). It is essential that the system also considers the shift curve of the trailer or semi-trailer and, in this case, warns of the risk of collision with stationary obstacles, such as traffic lights or street lamps.

Accident studies by insurance companies show that approximately half of all accidents between trucks and bicycles can be avoided if Sidequard Assist were installed. The number of simultaneous deaths can ideally be reduced by almost a third, and the number of severe injuries by more than 40 percent.

I must say that German drivers have already appreciated the benefits of this system. Today, every second new Mercedes-Benz truck comes with Sidequard Assist, and among Mercedes-Benz and Setra buses, this figure is also high - at 60%.

Mercedes Benz safe Truck
Mercedes Benz safe Truck

Moreover, after Mercedes-Benz, similar systems began to be offered by other truck manufacturers. Recall that from 2022, the Sidequard Assist system will become mandatory in the EU for all new truck models, and two years later for all other models. But in Germany from July 1, 2020, the presence of such a system will be mandatory for long freight trains.

Note that recently the Sidequard Assist system can be installed on previously released Mercedes-Benz trucks (since 2017). However, owners of older cars can eliminate blind spots by ordering the Nintendo View all-around visibility system, including up to four cameras. Images from the latter are transmitted to the 7-inch display on the front panel, and the driver can immediately see the "picture" from several cameras on the screen.