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How much Toyota and other companies make every second

The modern rhythm of life, characterized by incredible dynamics, requires prompt action and maximum mobility from a person. The car has become an ideal assistant in saving time and solving many issues. Every year the automotive industry develops rapidly, becoming a real driving force of the world economy.

Car brands revenue 2019
Car brands revenue 2019

In 2019 alone, 92 million cars rolled off the conveyors of various enterprises. Of course, all companies have a different level, production and sales volumes, and profitability. Among them, 19 of the largest can be distinguished, the revenue of which reaches the highest rates. Of course, you can take their indicators for a year or five years, but that would be very commonplace. Analytical company Parts Geek cited data on the revenue of these auto giants per second. And they are imposing.

Car brands gross revenue in 2019

Brand 2019 Gross Revenue ($) 2019 Gross Revenue per Second ($)
Volkswagen $290.2B $9,202.88
Toyota $272.3B $8,634.58
Ford $156.0B $4,946.73
Honda $143.1B $4,537.67
General Motors $137.2B $4,351.76
Fiat Chrysler $121.6B $3,856.10
BMW $116.9B $3,708.89
Mercedes-Benz (Daimler) $104.6B $3,316.84
Nissan $92.0B $2,918.81
Hyundai $90.8B $2,879.25

This indicator's leader was the German Volkswagen Group, with gross revenue of $ 290.2 billion, which corresponds to $ 9,202.88 per second. Toyota is in second place with revenue of $ 272.3 billion, which is $ 8634.58 per second and closes the top three of Ford leaders with indicators of $ 156.0 billion and $ 4946.73. Simultaneously, the rapidly developing company Tesla, the cost of electric vehicles of which is relatively high, was in the last place in the ranking with an indicator of the gross turnover of $ 24.68 per second.