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Tesla Model S crashed into a parked police car

Another road accident with a Tesla Model S moving on autopilot occurred in Nash County, North Carolina. To pass the time while driving, the driver watched a movie on his smartphone, completely entrusting the autopilot to control the electric car.

Carried away by viewing, Devinder Goli did not notice how he crashed into a police car standing on the road. The latter stopped to help the Highway Patrol file a previous accident. The blow was strong enough for the police car to drive into the patrol car. At the same time, two law enforcement officers fell to the ground.

Tesla Model S Crash
Tesla Model S Crash

The driver was reportedly charged with a traffic violation. Following rules, when he saw a vehicle on the road's side, he had to change to another lane. Goli was also accused of illegal "placing a TV in a vehicle."

As noted, the Model S used the first version of the autopilot, which hasn't been updated for some time. But that cannot be an excuse for the driver. Tesla always reminds the owners of its electric cars to monitor the system's operation and, if necessary, take control.

This incident is reminiscent of Tesla's first fatal car accident. Then a laptop was found inside the Model S. The driver was watching a movie during the accident.