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The Americans issued a driver's license with a photo of the chair

Jade Dodd, a resident of Hickman County, Tennessee, decided to exchange the driving license and use the online service. It had to save the woman time and be secure during the pandemic. However, the result was unexpected: instead of a woman's photo, the new driver's license showed off an empty chair. However, all other information, including date of birth, gender, age, and eye color, was correct.

Before contacting the service center again, Jade posted a photo of her rights on Facebook. This curious case aroused great interest, including among journalists of various publications. Now the girl has to comment on this situation again and again.

Driving license with photo of chair
Driving license with photo of chair

The corresponding reaction came from the Department itself. Jade's replacement driver's license was replaced, explaining the misunderstanding that a few years ago, an employee of the Center accidentally saved a photo of an empty chair in the Dodd card.

"When Jade Dodd recently ordered her driver's license online, she got a picture of the chair because it was the last picture saved in her file. When the Department found out about her situation, we immediately issued her a certificate with a real photo and resolved this situation within the company, "- said in an official statement of the Driver Service Center.