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Tesla Model 3s Crashed Out During Pikes Peak Hill Climb Practice

This year three Tesla Model 3 racers were scheduled to take part in the ascent of Pikes Peak hill. Two of them «dropped out of the race» before the start of the race. A video of one of the failed test runs was published by Unplugged Performance.

During a qualifying race in the mountain's upper part, a seasoned driver, Randy Pobst, rolled into a pit. As a result, the car first lifted into the air and then hit the road and smashed the rear. The video shows Tesla's electric vehicle crashing into a stone wall on a mountain road. The front of the body and the suspension were also seriously damaged. In all likelihood, the team will not repair the car before the race this Sunday.

Randy Pobst himself was not injured. The rider later posted a video on Youtube in which he commented on his poor performance and well-being. As the pilot admitted, he should have slowed down to assess the course during the first race, but the desire to climb in 10 minutes was stronger.

The second Model 3, also unsuccessful in climbing Pikes Peak, was driven by newcomer Josh Allen. He lost control at the end of the Halfway Picnic Ground Straight and ran off the road. The driver was not injured in the accident and managed to avoid being hit by trees.