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Cars are dirtier than a toilet

The coronavirus pandemic has led to a different view of many things that seem quite commonplace. For example, the cleanliness of the car, in which we spend a lot of time.

The study was conducted by the British organization Compare the Market. To validate the experiment, she used ten cars of different classes and types. Specialists took smears from various surfaces, including the screen, seat, gear lever, steering wheel, rearview mirror, windshield, armrest, handles, etc. The experts compared the smears from the car's surfaces with the breakdown taken from the toilet seat in the office building to make the result more pronounced. The result was shocking.

BMW Car with paddle shifters
BMW Car with paddle shifters

Experts from Compare the Market found five significantly contaminated areas in the car. The dirtiest place was the touchscreen. A sample taken from touch screens shows that they are 371% more polluted than the toilet. In second place in terms of the number of harmful bacteria was the gearbox selector, which is 331% higher than the bathroom. In third place - paddle shifters.

The most polluted places of a car

  1. Touch screens
  2. Gearbox selector
  3. Paddle shifters

Experts suggest that you should not neglect the cabin's regular dry cleaning, even if you think that the surfaces are clean. Given the epidemiological situation, the vehicle also needs to be regularly disinfected.