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Cars Are Helping Americans Cope During COVID-19

About 73% of Americans use their cars to isolate themselves from the people they live with. These data were published by the British company OnePoll, which specializes in online and mobile surveys.

The survey, commissioned by TrueCar, involved 2,000 Americans who own or rent cars. More than a third of respondents said that during the quarantine, Covid-19 used their vehicle as a place for business or personal phone calls (37%), and 32% turned the driver's seat into a full-fledged makeshift office.

How Americans use their cars

Action % of usage
Self - isolation 73%
A place for Phone Calls 38%
Office 32%
Part of the family 68%
Give a name 35%
A place for a first kiss 42%
Got a job 38%

Two-thirds of Americans say they consider their car a friend and even cry when they have to part with it. Moreover, seven out of ten (69%) believe their vehicle is part of the family (68%). Another 35% of respondents said they give their cars names. As an example, Betsy, Birt, Bumbley, Cherry, Dr. Ben, and Falcon.

Family trip
Family trip

According to researchers, on average, Americans change cars every six years and have time to become friends with them. Yes, two-thirds of respondents say they have experienced the most memorable moments of their vehicles. For 42% of respondents, the car became the place of the first kiss, and two out of five used it to identify their partner. 37% of respondents claim their car became a place where they learned about the promotion at work, and 38% got a job because of the vehicle.