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Skoda uses artificial intelligence for Vehicle diagnosis

The Czech company Skoda has developed a unique mobile application called Sound Analyzer and has already started testing it. The program allows you to determine the sound of a car breakdown by sound. It can currently detect about ten issues with an accuracy of up to 90%, including the steering system, gearbox, air conditioning, and more. Over time, this list will only grow.

Breakdown identification is simple. The driver launches the application on the smartphone and raises it to the sound source. The program converts noise and vibration into a special spectrogram compared with the saved records to detect deviations. The algorithm then determines the nature of the deviation from the norm and finds out what an owner should do to correct it.

Skoda Sound Analyzer
Skoda Sound Analyzer

After comparing the components of the algorithm, the application notifies the driver of the detected fault. It issues an assessment of the parts' condition. Then it decides on the need for service or repair of the car. In this way, Sound Analyzer helps motorists save time visiting service centers and quickly and accurately detect breakdowns.

Thanks to technology, the repair, and maintenance of vehicles will be more efficient. Other automakers will create similar programs soon.