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Care By Volvo lets customers swap cars after just four months.

Care by Volvo, the only vehicle service that improves a subscription scheme in the USA, is probably a bit more compelling for people thinking about the newest alternative to purchasing and leasing. On Thursday, the Swedish automaker revealed that it would now allow subscribers to move from their current car after only four months.

You picked your car, paid a flat monthly rate, and had to keep it for a full year until the move, when you opted for Volvo Treatment. It sounds like a smart way to keep consumers involved in getting in and out of vehicles every four months. Everybody wants to get a new car, let's be honest, imagine that every year and every four months, let alone.

There are any conditions for the four-month exchange. In fact, at any point after four months, subscribers can select another Volvo, so it is not something you must now wait twelve months when reaching the four months. Many of the advantages of the subscription service remain. A single monthly payment provides your vehicle, insurance, pneumatic, repair, and other facilities. Every month, the subscribers earn 1,250 miles to drive the car, equivalent to miles when you lease a vehicle.

Volvo XC60
Volvo XC60

The cheapest way to hop into the program begins with the R-Design trim S60 and SUV XC40. Both vehicles cost you $650 a month. These are highly fitted cars. The SUV for the XC60 is 700 dollars and Volvo's biggest XC90 is 750 dollars.

We would know by now if Treatment by Volvo didn't work well. In the last couple of years, there have been many subscriptions service pilots coming and going, but the Volvo looks very strongly. However, it is a premium service, which needs to add value while the crisis if the company is to keep customers.