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Tesla was forced to repair its cars

The American company, Tesla's electric cars, is considered the most innovative in the EV segment. Recently, however, more and more messages with users have complained about the quality. Problems are various - from the incomplete fastening of details to serious breakages of a suspension bracket.

The latter is associated with many claims of the Tesla Model S and crossover Model X owners. They claim that they used electric cars correctly and without strain, but the suspension could not withstand even a gentle load and began to crumble. Since this case is not an isolated one, the company started to demand a large-scale recall and elimination of the problem. The Chinese authorities have been extraordinarily active in this, where the percentage of such breakdowns is very high.

Tesla Model S in China
Tesla Model S in China

The Chinese government sent the manufacturer an official letter demanding to announce a recall campaign for problem cars. And before that, third-party experts conducted an investigation and found out that all the defective vehicles were not assembled at the company's plant in Shanghai but came off the conveyors of other plants outside the country. That is, Tesla electric cars drive in Europe and America with similar problems, and Tesla should also recall them.

Despite Tesla's claims that there are no defects in the suspension of its electric cars, the company still decided to meet the Chinese government's demand. The manufacturer has announced the recall of 18,182 units of the Model S and X. However, the State Market Regulatory Authority (SAMR) wanted to recall 29 193 units of these cars, so we should expect another recall campaign soon. It is unknown whether the European and American authorities will repeat the demands of the Chinese government. However, owners of Tesla electric cars should be careful and not neglect the planned maintenance.