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Tesla Supercharger charging network reaches 20,000 devices

Tesla recently announced that the company's total number of superchargers in its network had reached 20,000 worldwide.

Tesla describes the Supercharger network as "the world's fastest charging network." The company, headed by Elon Musk, seeks to expand its network, especially in urban environments, but often fails to achieve its goals.

The EV maker planned to install 18,000 fast chargers on its network by the end of 2018, but the actual number of units deployed was 12,000.

Tesla unveiled a "completely new architecture" for charging electric vehicles called the V3 in March last year. Musk said in May 2019 that the company plans to speed up production and install more superchargers on the Supercharger network soon and that it had "slowed down a little" earlier.

As of January 1, 2020, the Tesla Supercharger network had 15,000 fast-charging points, suggesting that the company has begun rolling out new chargers relatively faster.

Tesla Charging Station @ Tesla Twitter
Tesla Charging Station @ Tesla Twitter

Tesla has updated its Supercharger card in 2020, adding many new charging points, significantly increasing the number of routes now covered by the fast-charging network. To date, more than 20,000 Tesla charging stations around the world are officially open, providing the ultimate EV driving experience.

An important aspect is that the expansion concerns the number of stations or blowers per station and the capacity. The new V3 superchargers are rated up to 250 kW, up from 150 kW for the V2 (originally around 120 kW).

The top five countries in which Tesla builds the Supercharger network are the USA, China, Canada, France, and Germany. At the moment, the company plans active construction in the UK. In those countries, Tesla Model 3 is the most popular electric car.

Tesla Charging @ Tesla Twitter
Tesla Charging @ Tesla Twitter

Despite many Model S and Model X quality complaints, Tesla is far ahead of its competitors in the fast charger space, which gives the company a substantial competitive edge. Additionally, Tesla owners can use third-party networks (which may require adapters), and Tesla's superchargers are exclusively for the company's vehicles.