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The UK bans gasoline vehicles

The United Kingdom has repeatedly raised the issue of banning cars with internal combustion engines. They talked about it again with new terms and officially announced a ban on selling new diesel and gasoline cars from 2030.

Interestingly, the ban will only affect new cars. Those who bought vehicles with internal combustion engines before the specified period will continue to use them. Note that cars with hybrid power plants will remain on sale for another five years after the ban - until 2035.

Electric vehicle
Electric vehicle

The terms of the complete ban on petrol and diesel vehicles have also been announced. They will come into force in 2050. Although this cannot be called a ban, it is instead a forced measure. Owners of such vehicles will not be able to use them due to the "ban" in the country of fossil fuels.

As the British government has already announced all its intentions, it is time to start implementing them. Namely, to develop the charging infrastructure and the power system in general. Initially, the government is investing $ 16 billion in the program. Another half a billion will be allocated for the development and production of batteries for electric cars.