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Volvo creates mixed reality driving simulator

As reported on the official website, engineers and programmers from Volvo Cars have developed a driving simulator based on mixed reality technology. With the help of the simulator, it will be possible to test new automotive technologies virtually. Thus, the company will be able to significantly save on creating real prototypes and the development of complex scenarios.

Finnish experts from the virtual and mixed reality company Varjo took part in developing the Volvo driving simulator. As a result, the platform uses a real-time 3D modeling environment. In addition to the upgraded software, the simulator consists of a driver's seat, a steering wheel that gives tactile feedback, and virtual reality glasses that provide a realistic high-definition three-dimensional picture.

Volvo Driving Simulator
Volvo Driving Simulator

Besides, the company will offer the tester a special Teslasuit that simulates a tactile connection with virtual reality and tracks the driver's body's reactions.

The simulator's algorithms will simulate all kinds of traffic situations and play scenarios of human-vehicle interaction. The main focus will be on security tests, user interfaces, autopilot, etc.

Volvo Driving Simulator
Volvo Driving Simulator

The company is confident that the simulator will create a myriad of scenarios and play them in complete safety, without putting the tester driver at risk or damaging the cars. Having understood what weaknesses exist in modern security systems and what are the problems of interaction between a person and a car, especially in extreme situations, engineers will be able to eliminate all the shortcomings to the maximum and make real vehicles safer.

Earlier this year, Volvo allowed customers to swap their car after four months of usage.