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Porsche began testing the "high-riding" version of the 911 sports car

Porsche has begun road tests of a new modification of the 911 sports car - with increased ground clearance. Spy photos of the car were published by the Motor Authority.

The Germans did not officially announce such a car. Still, earlier, the chief marketing officer of the company Detlev von Platen called the possibility of producing a sports car with high ground clearance "a good idea." According to him, Porsche could make such a modification in a limited series.

High riding Porsche 911
High riding Porsche 911

The pictures show that the car has a much higher ground clearance than other vehicles in the family. It also features flared wheel arches and an unusual rear spoiler not previously seen on the 911.

Previously, Porsche has already produced 911 sports cars designed for rough roads. In 1978, the Germans developed the 911 SC Safari rally car, which took part in the Safari Rally in Kenya. Six years later, Porsche launched three select all-wheel-drive vehicles, indexed 953, one of which brought the company a victory at the Paris-Dakar marathon.

Porsche Safari Rally
Porsche Safari Rally

Rumors suggest that Porsche will design the "tall" Porsche 911 for China and Russia, "where bad roads do not allow sports cars to be used as a daily car." Such Porsches may also appear in the United States, where there is traditionally great interest in cars with high suspension.