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Honda will recall 2 million vehicles

Honda is organizing a massive vehicle recall around the world, bringing together four different service campaigns. In total, about 1.79 million cars will be sent for repairs, according to Reuters.

Most of the cars - about 1.4 million units - are recalled in the United States. Among them, 268 thousand crossovers Honda CR-V 2002-2006, which are aimed at service due to the risk of a short circuit in the power window control unit. It is known about 16 cases of fire for this reason. However, Honda recorded no injuries among drivers and passengers.

Old Honda car
Old Honda car

Besides, Honda recalls 735,000 new 2019 and 2020 Accord and Insight vehicles due to the need to update software in the onboard electronics control unit (BCM), responsible for power windows, optics, and door locks, and other major systems. Failure can lead to incorrect operation of wipers, turn signals, and other functions.

Two more recall campaigns affected 430,000 different Honda vehicles in 22 northern states and the District of Columbia. The action was the roads being sprinkled with salt, which causes corrosion of the front driveshaft, which requires replacement. Among the cars that will be sent for repair are the Honda Civic and Fit and the Acura ILX sedans.